Help To Buy Valuation

Professional House Surveys are fully qualified to undertake Help To Buy Valuations.

The criteria and procedure for preparing Help To Buy Reports includes the following:-

  • The Valuer must be registered with the recognised qualification of RICS.
  • The Valuer must be independent to an estate agent.
  • The report must be on headed paper, signed by the RICS surveyor.
  • The Valuer MUST provide at least 3 comparable properties and sale prices.
  • The comparables must be like for like in terms of property type, size, and age and within a 2 mile radius to the property that is being inspected.
  • The valuer must not be related or known to you.
  • The valuer must inspect the interior of the property and provide a full valuation report.
  • Valuations carried out for bank or mortgage purposes are not acceptable.
  • The inspection date must be shown on the report.

Please note the Valuation Report is only valid for 3 MONTHS. After this time, for a concessionary fee, we can undertake a review, and then prepare an updated Desktop Report, which will last for a further 3 Months.

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